Monday, February 16, 2009

Social Bookmarking Soulmates

At long last! I have found my "social bookmarking soulmate". Her name is Shiralee, and she shares so many of my interests. For this assignment, I searched Delicious and Diigo far and wide for someone who tagged and bookmarked items of similar interest to mine. I searched for "curiosity cabinets", "museums", "science", and "natural history". Finally, after nearly giving up and despairing of ever finding my match, I found Shiralee on Delicious. She bookmarks and tags prodigiously; she has 200 tags and 1,739 bookmarks! Her tags include blogs, books, collections, education, exhibition, history, museum, science, taxidermy, and wunderkammer. Among her massive collection of bookmarks, I found some of the natural history museum-related blogs which I already list on my blogroll, as well as some invaluable sites. One of the gems I found on her bookmarks list is Wunderkammern, a site with lots of information and links related to natural history museums, curiosity cabinets, museum sites, collections, blogs, etc. I can see already that this page will be of great help to me in writing this blog. Another exciting find from her bookmarks is the LiveJournal Wunderkammer. I'm looking forward to continuing my browsing through Shiralee's, and others, bookmarks.
She tags her bookmarks thoroughly, which certainly helps make her many bookmarks accessible. Her Delicious bookmarks would be useful and interesting to anyone who is interested in my blog and its topic. Her interests on Delicious are much broader, but one can find the material they are looking for by clicking on her tags.


  1. You should have a look at the Wunderkammern group on flickr -- i haven't bookmarked it because it's one I run...

  2. BTW thanks for the lovely write up -- I'm so glad that my mis-spent middle age is proving helpful to someone else...

  3. I don't know how I missed it, but when I found your Delicious profile I didn't realize that you are the same person from MoD who commented on my blog before. I feel so foolish and I hope it doesn't seem like I am stalking your websites! I guess we just have a lot of common interests.

    Yes, your bookmarks have been very helpful!

  4. No! I was really pleased -- tho' I do now feel like I should go and tidy up my tags... they're all over the place. (I have a very untidy set of interests and there's lots that relate to things I teach).

    Anyway, obviously I am stalking your blog reciprocally... because yes, we obviously do have many interests in common. I'd love to know what class it is you're doing... and what you collect.

    Really enjoyed your take on the Zimmer article -- a couple of weeks ago I was looking at that Justine Cooper pics but hadn't read the article. Your description of your museum's backrooms was perfect.

    Can't wait to read what you post next...


  5. Thanks so much, you're quite encouraging! I'd love to know what you teach? The class I'm doing is just a required, general sort of writing class, but the professor has a specialty in EdTech and Web 2.0, hence the blog format. I'm very pleased with that as I have been wanting to get more involved with blogging, bookmarking, online communities, etc. Also I've been wanting to explore this natural history museum topic for some time and this gives me the excuse and time, since I'm doing it for an assignment.
    I don't really collect anything, per was more a literary allusion. I do consider myself a collector though, of ideas I guess. I move a lot and have such limited space that I can't collect objects right now. There is a shop nearby that sells natural history objects; I love to go in and look, but I rarely buy anything.